Food scarcity is defined as a shortage of food, which can occur anywhere. It’s a complex issue but simple measures, such as starting small scale agriculture projects through hobby farm lending can help address food scarcity in local communities. 


Food Scarcity Is a Multifaceted Issue

Food scarcity is often thought of on a global scale, but even our local communities are affected. Resolving this issue, we must first understand its root causes. Only then can we work together to create viable solutions and help those affected. 


Leading Causes of Food Scarcity

Several factors contribute to food scarcity including: 

  • Poverty: 11.8% of the US population lives in poverty
  • Political pressure: An increasing push towards biofuels
  • Increasing dairy and meat farming: Livestock consumes 7x the grain humans consume
  • Rising transportation and energy costs: Production costs directly affect food prices


How to Address Food Scarcity in Our Local Communities?

It doesn’t take a large farm to make a big difference. Starting small agriculture projects, with the help of hobby farm lending, can generate enough food to satisfy your own family’s needs and provide a surplus to combat local food scarcity. Excess food can be donated to local food banks or sold at discounted rates to schools or low-income families. 


Start Your Own Small Farm

If you’ve considered growing your own food, hobby farm lending with AgAmerica can make it a reality. Contact one of our loan officers today to discuss the financing options available for small farms. Together we can make a difference.