What Will Happen if the Food Crisis Gets Worse?

A worsening food crisis will only lead to a deterioration in the quality of life and political unrest. Access is a key factor in the food crisis. However, this can be solved with small, loan for land purchase.


The Food Crisis Need Urgent Attention

Nearly 14% of US households with children were food-insecure, in nearly 11% of the world’s population suffer from undernourishment. If the issue of the food crisis is not tackled head-on, the impact will be both severe and far-reaching.


A Bleak Outlook If the Food Crisis Gets Worse

If the food crisis continues to worsen we will begin to see:

  • Increasing malnutrition and undernourishment
  • Household debts increase
  • Reduced spending on education
  • Migration in search of work
  • Increasing economic inequality
  • A higher prevalence of diseases 


It’s Already Happening

Poor political policies and war are two major contributors to the ongoing food crisis, as seen in  Venezuela where hyperinflation and chronic food shortages are deteriorating the quality of life, increasing malnutrition, and causing political unrest. The story is similar in countries like South Sudan, Syria, and Yemen.


What Can Be Done? 

More local farming is needed. Even small farms can help ease food insecurities. A hobbyist can get a loan for land purchase to begin small-scale farming. This can help them meet their own food needs and surplus can be donated or discounted to address food insecurity in their local communities.


Take Action

If you’ve ever had an interest in gardening and want to help the food crisis, think about starting a small farm. AgAmerica loan officers can help you with your loan for land purchase to get started. Contact us today to learn more.