Whenever you purchase new land for your farm, you need to have an adequate water supply. Desalination works to increase your water supply, by providing safe water for farming. This makes it easier to get loans for farmers looking to start a new farm or expand their current operation. 


Desalination Plays a Role in the Future of Farming

Water shortages are a persistent problem that is likely to continue. The agricultural industry depends heavily on freshwater supplies, which are quickly dwindling. By implementing desalination, the issue of water shortages can be reduced drastically.


How Desalination Works

In short, desalination removes salt from seawater to create fresh, potable water. Steps of the desalination process include:

  1. Pump seawater into a pump station
  2. Water is passed through a 0.5 MM screen to remove debris into a holding tank
  3. Water passes through six additional filters
  4. Reverse osmosis purifies water
  5. Water is moved to split tanks and chemically treated
  6. Water is ready to be used


Use of Desalinated Water in Farming

Desalinated water is clean water that can be used in agricultural processes during times of extreme drought. However, sensitive plants are susceptible to loss of quality. Therefore, farmers must ensure there is enough magnesium and calcium added to the fertilizer soil. 


Getting financing through loans for farmers can help integrate desalinated water into farming practices, creating a viable supply of water needed. One reason it’s not fully integrated into mainstream farming is the cost. The process of desalination is both expensive and energy-intensive. Therefore, this is a barrier to entry for using it regularly, keeping it for times of drought and extreme shortage. 


More Desalinated Water Will Be Used in the Future

Desalinated water will likely be used more frequently in the future as it becomes cheaper to produce. The cost of desalinated water will likely come down as the process can be powered by renewable energy sources. When this occurs, desalinated water will play a larger role in everyday farming practices.


Take the Next Step 

Whether you’re looking to start a farm or expand your operations to include a desalination plant, there are loans for farmers available. An AgAmerica loan officer can discuss your available options and help you pick out the best one for you. Call us today to learn more.