Groundwater is one of the world’s most important natural resources. It is often the water source that takes care of the needs of populations and plays a valuable role in agriculture. To protect the groundwater on their properties, farmers are using ag farm credit to use new technologies to fight it’s depletion. 


Using Technology To Address a Growing Problem – Ag Farm Credit

As technology improves, new measures can be put in place to prevent and fight against groundwater depletion. Agriculture is one of the main culprits, so it’s no surprise that farmers are using ag farm credit to implement new measures to reduce the use of groundwater in their farming practices. New technologies that are being used include: 

  • Regular monitoring
  • Satellite and remote sensing
  • Tensiometers 


Regular Monitoring

The National Water Information System (NWIS) has been put in place to monitor surface water and groundwater data. Likewise, the national groundwater monitoring network (NGWMN) has been established to fill in data gaps for groundwater resources. These systems help in the management of groundwater resources. 


Satellite and Remote Sensing

The Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE) is a satellite system that monitors water mass and volume changes. This monitoring is done on a monthly basis. This tech helps understand the overall budget of groundwater resources. 



Tensiometers are tech that is actually planted in the ground to measure soil moisture. This gives farmers a good idea how much water the roots of their crops have access too. Tensiometers are planted around the midpoint of the main root system. 


Fighting Groundwater Depletion on Your Own Farm

The first step in protecting groundwater on your own property is to take proactive measures. Use your available water supply efficiently, reducing use where possible. Additionally, getting an ag farm credit to implement these newer technologies can help monitor your current groundwater situation so adjustments can be made accordingly. 


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