Aquifer depletion can have a profound impact on natural habitats as well as the agricultural industry. The issue of depletion and water shortages can directly affect securing a farm land mortgage when purchasing a new farm or expanding an existing one. Figuring out how to address aquifer depletion requires understanding its causes.


Aquifer Depletion Is A Man-Made Problem

This threat to the environment is primarily man-made. Aquifers are needed to sustain life of all kinds, yet our actions are rapidly causing groundwater levels to lower. Common causes of depletion include over-pumping water from aquifers and climate change.


Over-Pumping from Aquifers

Aquifers are a resource that will replenish themselves, but they need to be given time to do so. The problem is that we are pulling water out of aquifers at a rate faster than they can replenish themselves. Water is pulled from the aquifer to:

  • Provide first order to growing populations
  • Meet agricultural demands for freshwater


When it comes to a growing population, it makes sense that the more people there are, the more water is needed. As the global population continues to increase, the demand on the aquifer will only intensify.


Water is also an essential component of agriculture. Farm land mortgages may even require adequate groundwater supply, given its importance to operations. However, the farming practices being employed dry excessive amounts of water out of the aquifer. This is especially true in regards to raising livestock as well as growing water-intensive crops like rice.


Climate Change

Changes in weather patterns and more extreme weather such as droughts and fires also play a role in aquifer depletion. Phenomenons like drought lead to less surface water being available. Farmers who need a constant source of water for irrigation then tap into the aquifer as a result. Therefore, climate change does not necessarily cause aquifer depletion as much as it intensifies man-made problems.


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