Just as in any other industry, even the smallest of upgrades in the farming industry requires a capital outlay. The good news is that you have several credit options to choose from. There are grants available for expanding your fruit orchard, purchase of expensive seeds, and even buying more heads of cattle. In fact, there are even first time farmer loans that come with special accommodations.


Finding the Right Assistance for Your Farm

Finding the right loan for your farm means looking in the right places. For nearly every kind of ag financing, you need to have a small farm business plan ready. Most applications will not be accepted without one, given that it shows sincerity while reassuring your lender about what you want to do and achieve with the money that you are borrowing. Some of the best resources for small farms include: 

  • Cooperative Extension Office
  • Grants.gov
  • The USDA Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
  • BeginningFarmers.org


Cooperative Extension Office

The Cooperative Extension Office should be your first recourse for local assistance. You can often find these offices at your local courthouse, post office, or other local government buildings. Here you can find helpful information about financing as well as information on sustainable agriculture, revitalizing rural America, and more.



Grants.gov should be treated as an ultimate resource. You can search their database of offerings by your keyword or you can search by category. The most accurate information on agencies and their offerings can also be found here.


USDA Alternative Farming Systems Information Center

The Alternative Farming Systems Information Center has a list of important resources and current opportunities. They have information regarding sustainable food systems to help improve your operations. This information can also help you create a well-balanced business plan.



If you’re new to farming, BeginningFarmers is an important resource to have on hand. Here you’ll find resources on nearly every important topic when you’re starting a farm, including information on financing and first time farmer loans. 


We Can Help

With years of experience in farm financing, our loan officers at AgAmerica are familiar with the various financing options available, including both grants and first time farmer loans. Contact us today to discuss your plans and learn more about what your available options are and how we can help.