As the planet’s climate continues to grow more inhospitable and its population numbers continue to swell, experts have become increasingly concerned about the growing possibility of a food crisis that could affect every corner of the globe. Now that the alarm has been raised, scientists and concerned citizens have begun to look for solutions. GMO crops, while still a controversial subject in many circles today, may be able to provide the global population with some relief in the case of a global food crisis.

As leading experts in the agricultural business and acreage loans, we hear discussions around these topics a lot. Farmers and the general public alike want to know,  how exactly might GMO crops be able to help during a global food crisis?

What Are GMO Crops?

Genetically Modified Organisms, or GMOs, are plants, animals, or microorganisms whose DNA has been artificially altered, usually to meet some sort of commercial, economic, or scientific goal. The vast majority of corn grown in the United States, for example, has been genetically modified to produce larger, more abundant cobs.

How Could GMO Crops Provide Relief During a Food Crisis?

GMO crops, and their ability to produce much greater quantities of food, have paved the way to the population explosion that has taken the world by storm in recent decades. So in some sense, they can be said to have played an integral role in the precariously overpopulated position that we find ourselves in today. That said, GMO crops may also be able to provide an instrumental role in helping to feed a starving population if a widespread food crisis were to occur today.

Though many experts argue that the potential value of GMO crops during a food crisis is overblown, the fact remains that GMOs have the potential to produce more abundant, drought-resistant, and vitamin-rich crops. Each of these factors could potentially tip the scales in humanity’s favor if we were to encounter a serious global food shortage today. 

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