5 Shocking Statistics about the Global Food Crisis

Today, many people believe that food crises are a thing of the past, and that we’ve managed as a global society to remove the threat of widespread food shortages. Unfortunately, that isn’t the case. In fact, many experts have begun to argue in recent years that the world is currently in the throes of a food crisis, and that it can be expected to get worse in the future.

As experts in agricultural farm loans and farm financing, we hear a lot of discussion around food security. With that in mind, we’ve done the research to provide you with some shocking statistics about the modern food crisis. 

What You Need to Know About the Modern Food Crisis

Here are five statistics which highlight the severity of the food crisis that is currently spreading around the world:

  • Roughly 822 million (about one out of every nine) people alive today do not have access to sufficient nutrition to be able to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.


  • About 100 million (roughly one out of six) children living in developing countries are malnourished.


  • About one in four people are malnourished in Sub-Saharan Africa, where hunger and starvation levels are more severe than any other region on Earth. 


  • Malnutrition is the cause of death for almost half (45%) of children ages five and under each year.



What Does the Future Hold?

At this point, no one can say for certain if the necessary policies and infrastructure will be developed to stop the food crisis in its tracks. It’s very likely, however, that we will continue to see increased rates of hunger and starvation as the climate continues to become more erratic and as the world’s population continues to multiply.

With that in mind, it’s crucial for individuals and families to take steps in the here and now to ensure that they will have access to a secure food supply. If a food crisis were to reach us here at home, the consequences would be devastating. Securing an agricultural farm loan is one of the most effective means of starting a small farm that can help to secure your future.

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