Is Pollution to Blame for Water Scarcity on US Farms?

The world is currently facing a water crisis, and it is affecting farmers around the world, including those in the United States. As the forecasts for future water security continue to grow more and more alarming, farmers in the U.S. have begun to look for potential solutions. But first, it’s critical that we understand the causes that have led to our current, precarious situation.

There has been a lot of talk in recent years about how pollution has been a primary causal factor behind the modern water crisis. But is there evidence to support that claim?

As experts in farm refinancing and providing loans for farmers, we hear these concerns a lot. The goal of this article, therefore, is to shed some light on the connection between pollution and water scarcity.

Air Pollution and Water Scarcity

Air and water pollution are among the most widely-publicized environmental issues of our age, so it’s only natural to draw a connection between them and the emerging water crisis. But what does science actually tell us about the relationship between these phenomena?

When it comes to air pollution, there is a very clear connection. As industrial CO2 continues to be relentlessly pumped into the atmosphere, solar energy becomes trapped near the surface, creating a vicious cycle of pollution and warming known as the greenhouse effect. So in a very straightforward and indisputable sense, air pollution can be said to be one of the primary driving forces behind an increasingly warmer and drier world.

Water Pollution and Water Scarcity

The connection between water pollution and water shortages is not as clear-cut, but it does exist. 

As industrial waste and other contaminants leak into lakes, rivers, and streams, that pollution can eventually reach groundwater and aquifers, which can render those vital resources unfit for human use for years to come. So while it may not be immediately obvious how water pollution is affecting global freshwater supplies, it’s inevitable that we’ll encounter consequences in the future when we attempt to access new supplies of freshwater that are currently being polluted.

What Can You Do to Protect Your Water Supply?

If you’re the owner of a farming operation, you’re probably concerned about the water crisis and how you can protect your water supply. Fortunately, there are solutions available that can help you maintain access to fresh water such as desalination technology, methods of water conservation, and more. Obtaining a farm land loan can help you gain access to the funds you need to make these changes on your farm. 

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