Tackling Water Shortage Issues in the Agriculture World

As the years continue to grow drier and global temperatures continue to rise, farmers around the world are struggling to adapt to the new environmental realities. The huge amounts of water that’s used by traditional agricultural methods – mainly for irrigation – presents an especially salient problem. 

The water shortage is a concern for many farmers. Without access to fresh water, it’s impossible to raise livestock or grow crops. However, there are solutions available.

Some farmers are opting for farm refi programs to invest in desalination technology. Others are switching to methods that allow them to conserve water. In this article, we’ll discuss how the ag industry is addressing water shortage concerns and some of the various solutions available. 

Moving Towards Water Sustainability

It’s currently estimated that agriculture uses around 70% of the world’s total supply of freshwater. That makes it both a primary cause as well as a potential solution for the world’s water crisis.

First and foremost, it will be crucial for farmers around the world to begin to adopt practices which demand less water. Several trends are emerging around the world – such as limiting crop area and promoting biodiversity – which promise to pave the way towards a more water-friendly future. 

Cover crops, which have been shown to protect soil integrity and retain moisture, also offer a tremendous amount of promise for farmers who are struggling to cope with longer and more severe periods of drought.

Farmers: The Key to Future Water Security?

Farmers will take the lead as we strive towards a more sustainable and water-friendly future. Of course, we can’t charge farmers with the task of solving the water crisis single-handedly. But their ability to implement more conservative modes of production and to simultaneously adapt to droughts will largely determine our collective success as we struggle to navigate through the challenges of a drier, thirstier world. 

You can take action today by improving operations on your farm and switching to more sustainable practices. Getting access to funds is easy with a farm refi!

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Protecting our future water security will require an industry-wide effort, but it can start at the individual level. Starting your own small farm is perhaps the best way to put your ideas about water conservation into practice and to begin to affect real change in your community. Get started on your journey by speaking with one of our loan officers about loan and farm refi options today!