Could the Coronavirus Cause a Food Shortage?

The coronavirus pandemic has caused an unprecedented degree of economic and social disruption. With strict social distancing measures in place, entire sectors of industry have been forced to indefinitely close up shop. With each passing day it seems increasingly certain that the economy is headed towards a recession. Thankfully, the vital systems of food production and distribution have thus far withstood the impact of the virus. But for how long, exactly, can we expect this to be the case?

As experts in agricultural lending, we hear a lot of discussion about how the coronavirus will affect farming. People want to know, is it true that the coronavirus pandemic could actually lead to a serious food shortage? The short answer is – yes, but that doesn’t mean that we should panic. In this article, we’ll walk through this scenario and how a hobby farm loan can secure your food supply.

How the Pandemic Could Lead to a Food Shortage

The UN Food Security task forces have recently begun to warn the public that the coronavirus pandemic could produce a food shortage. However, it’s not for the reasons that you might think. At first glance, you’d guess that the primary cause for concern would stem from a lack of food supply workers. This is definitely a factor, but when it comes to a food crisis, it’s secondary. 

According to the UN, the real thing to worry about here is the closing of national borders. As the virus spreads around the world, more and more countries have adopted strict isolationist policies. That means that tariffs have been put in place to restrict the flow of food and supplies between countries. This could be catastrophic, as Maximo Torero of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization recently said in a statement: “All measures against free trade will be counterproductive. Now is not the time for restrictions or putting in place trade barriers. Now is the time to protect the flow of food around the world.”

How Can We Prepare for a Food Shortage?

It’s important to emphasize that a food shortage is not a certainty, only one of many possible outcomes. Still, it’s prudent for people to be prepared for the worst, even here in the richest country on Earth. Stocking up on canned goods and toilet paper is certainly a good start. But the only way to truly protect your food supply is to establish your own system of food production. In reality, that’s easier than many people might at first believe. All you have to do is build your own hobby farm!

But wait, you might ask yourself – aren’t there a lot of start-up costs to farming operations? Typically, yes. But with a hobby farm, you’ll get the benefits of agriculture at a fraction of the cost of normal-sized farms. What’s more, you can make the payment process even easier by securing a hobby farm loan from MSF Agriculture!

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