With each passing year, the planet is experiencing longer droughts and higher temperatures. As a result, the global farming community is being forced to adapt to increasingly arid conditions. This places a significant strain on agriculture, which traditionally relies on vast and stable networks of irrigation. Today, it’s becoming a priority for farmers around the world to be able to integrate innovative and water-friendly agricultural practices.

If you own your own farming operation, you’ve probably already begun to feel the strain of the diminishing freshwater supply. In this article, we’ll introduce you to some technologies and practices that can help you to save water. And, we’ll also introduce you to operating loans for farms and how they can help you to implement water-friendly agricultural practices.

Three Revolutionary Water-Friendly Agricultural Practices

In response to climate change, agriculturalists across the globe have been working tirelessly to develop new and sustainable farming practices. In this section, we’ll outline three of the most notable new technologies and how they can reduce water usage:

  • Drip irrigation. This technology is rapidly becoming one of the most popular water-friendly irrigation technologies in the world. Simply put, drip irrigation is the process by which water is dripped directly and exclusively to a crop’s roots. In this way, farmers are able to dramatically cut back on evaporation and runoff in their water supply.


  • Rainwater harvesting. As you could probably guess from the name, rainwater harvesting is the practice of collecting and storing rainwater for agriculture. It’s one of the most widely-practiced, sustainable, and cost-effective solutions to freshwater waste in the world today.


  • Cover crops. Soil erosion and decay are perennial problems in the agricultural community. With cover crops, farmers can increase the lifespan of their crops as well as that of their soil. These crops are also a very effective means of collecting and distributing moisture, which helps farmers reduce their water usage.


How Operating Loans for Farms Can Help

For many farmers, the single biggest roadblock to integrating water-friendly technology is the cost of the initial investment. Thankfully, there are many loan options out there that can help you to pay for new agricultural technologies. Operating loans for farms, for example, can provide an easy and affordable solution to reducing water waste on your farm.

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