In 10,000 BC, the first agricultural revolution swept across the world. For the first time, human beings discovered the power of harnessing technology to control and manipulate food production. Since then, our entire global society has been constructed around institutionalized food production, distribution, and transportation.

Today, however, we’re beginning to see the consequences of unbridled agricultural production. Our traditional agricultural methods worked well for our ancestors, but they pose certain problems when practiced at a modern scale. In the next few years, it will become increasingly important for the agricultural community to make a shift towards sustainability.

This article will introduce you to some sustainable food production basics, and how ranch refinancing can help you implement them. 

A New Agricultural Revolution

In order to avoid ecological catastrophe, the world will need to undergo a second agricultural revolution. This time around, we’ll need to focus less on maximizing production and more on implementing sustainable farming practices. In this way, individual farmers can begin to lay the groundwork for a more environmentally and economically secure future.

Sustainable Methods of Food Production

With that in mind, here are three easy ways that farmers can start practicing more sustainable methods of food production:

  • Reduce waste. It’s estimated that a staggering 20 billion pounds of food produced on US farms is lost each year. There are several factors that lead to this enormous food waste, including invasive species and damage from weather. It’s crucial for farmers to understand these risks and to ameliorate them in order to cut back on food waste. 
  • Rotate crops. Crop rotation is a straightforward and powerful way to improve the health and longevity of your soil. It’s also been shown to improve crop yields, which can help to increase and regulate agricultural output on any farm. 
  • Practice no-till farming. Traditional industrial agriculture relies heavily on tilling, which can quickly degrade the vitality of soil. No-till farming, on the other hand, can actually improve soil quality – and food production – in the long run.


Implement Sustainable Farming Methods with a Ranch Refinance

Are you interested in adopting sustainable farming practices but concerned about your ability to afford the start-up costs? If so, you’re not alone. Luckily, ranch refinancing is a fast and easy way to make room in your budget for technique and equipment upgrades.

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