Soil is (literally) the foundation upon which the entire agricultural industry is built. Healthy and fertile soil can lead to abundant crop outputs. In turn, this provides financial success for independent farmers and their families. Degraded and infertile soil, on the other hand, causes major problems. Specifically, it makes agricultural production much more difficult, and sometimes impossible.

In recent decades, ecological experts have come to understand the close connection between human agricultural activity and soil health. Unfortunately, industrial-scale agriculture has become the norm across the US – has led to the deterioration in domestic soil quality.

If you own a small farm, you’ve probably begun to harbor concerns about the quality of soil in modern America. Thankfully, you’re not alone. And, the best news is, there are some brilliant people who are working very hard to fix the current situation.

Scientists across the country have begun to suggest new and innovative ways of restoring soil quality on American farms. This article will outline everything that you need to know, including how ag farm credits can help to protect soil.

What’s Causing the Erosion of Soil Quality?

Before we examine how soil quality can be improved, let’s first take a look at the problems we’re facing.

In order to remain healthy, vibrant, and fertile, soil relies on an intricate balance of natural forces. Today, agricultural practices  have grown to a scale that has thrown that balance into disarray. One of the most serious consequences of this disequilibrium has been the degradation of our soil.

Here are just a few ways that modern agriculture contributes to soil decay and degradation:

  • Removal and channeling of freshwater, which leads to salinization.
  • Making room for industrial farming operations through deforestation.
  • Overgrazing from industrial cattle herds.

How Do We Improve Soil Quality On U.S. Farms?

Now that we have a clearer understanding of the problem, let’s turn our attention to what can be done to fix it.

First, it’s important to understand that there is no one-size-fits-all sort of solution. Soil degradation is a multifaceted problem. Therefore, it will require a multifaceted solution. More specifically, restoring the quality and fertility of soil on American farms will require individual farmers to make incremental changes. Over time, these small changes can compound and add up to a full-blown national revolution in soil health.

Now, let’s discuss some strategies that can help. Here are three easy ways to improve the soil quality on your farm:

  1. Avoid tilling as much as possible. 
  2. Add organic material to your soil. 
  3. Consider cutting back on pesticide use.

Keep Your Soil Healthy by Practicing Sustainable Farming

Are you looking to start a sustainable farming operation? Or, are you considering renovating operations on an existing farm? If so, an ag farm credit can help you get there. Through an ag farm credit, you’ll have the freedom to invest in sustainable farming practices. In turn, such efforts will help keep your soil healthy. Contact our office today to get started!