Since the dawn of agriculture, most humans have relied on farming as a means of food production. The agricultural revolution endowed us with many undeniable benefits, including the ability to create food surpluses and permanent settlements. It also, however, led to our dependency on a limited number of domesticated crops. When crops failed – due to climate change or social conflict – individuals, even entire societies, would perish. 

As a consequence, the pages of human history are filled with food shortages and full-blown famines. Today, we tend to believe that our wealth and our technology will protect us from a future food crisis. But the truth is that we are as vulnerable as the preliterate and preindustrial societies that came before us. 

In this article, we’ll outline what the experts have to say about the prospect of a future global food shortage. We’ll also introduce you to hobby farm loans, and how they can keep your Nebraska farming operation safe and protected.

Are We Headed Towards a Global Food Shortage?

For thousands of years since the agricultural revolution, the global population was able to feed itself quite comfortably. Then, starting in the early nineteenth century, the global population skyrocketed. At around the same time, we began to burn fossil fuels. Slowly at first, then in ever-greater quantities with each passing year. Today, we’re living in the most densely-populated and heavily-polluted societies in history.

As populations continue to grow and our capacity for pollution continues to increase, our food systems are becoming increasingly vulnerable. Agriculture, after all, requires fertile soil, water, and clean air in order to remain healthy and productive. Each of those three necessities are jeopardized by overpopulation and human-driven climate change. It’s for this reason that experts are warning that a food crisis could very well be right around the corner. 

How to Protect Your Food Supply

Understanding the risk of a food crisis is the first step towards keeping yourself, your family, and your community protected. Once you acknowledge that we could slip into the throes of a global food shortage, it’s time to take action.

The most reliable way to keep your food supply secure is to take matters into your own hands. To that end, we recommend starting your own hobby farm. Hobby farms are an affordable and effective way to provide nourishing meals to your family. They can also become a source of income if there’s a local market for your products. Nebraska hobby farm loans can provide you with the financial means that you’ll need to get your farming operation started.

Find Hobby Farm Loans for Your Nebraska Home

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