In the Midwestern region of the United States, climate change is becoming an undeniable and harsh reality. Once considered to be “America’s breadbasket”, the Midwest is now being impacted by severe annual flooding, heat, and drought. Today, experts are beginning to warn that these weather patterns could devastate the region for years – even generations – to come.

 As experts in agriculture and farming loans, we hear a lot of concerns about the future of the Midwest. So, we decided to investigate what’s really going on in the region. Here’s what our research has shown us.

 What Does the Future Hold for the American Midwest?

When you think of the Midwest, you probably think of rolling hills of wheat and vast pastures of healthy cattle. Unfortunately, these idyllic scenes of the region’s agricultural heyday may not survive the steady encroachment of climate change.

Midwestern farmers are now being forced to contend with ecological instability that’s growing more intense by the year. The region’s spring rains are becoming more and more extreme, which is leading to longer periods of summer drought. According to a sobering report from the National Climate Assessment:

 “In general, climate change will tend to amplify existing climate-related risks to people, ecosystems, and infrastructure in the Midwest…These added stresses, when taken collectively, are projected to alter the ecosystem and socioeconomic patterns and processes in ways that most people in the region would consider detrimental.”

Protect Your Midwestern Farm in a Rapidly Changing Environment

There’s no way to say with absolute certainty at this point what the future of the Midwest will look like. What does seem to be undeniable, however, is that the ecological challenges facing the region will only continue to grow.

As they do, it will become increasingly important for Midwestern farmers to adapt in lockstep with the regional changes. For example, there are a number of water-friendly agricultural practices that can be implemented on almost any farm. Adaptations like these can help prepare Midwest farms for the future.

Adopting those practices – or any new farming practice, for that matter – will require a financial investment. Luckily, a farming loan can give you the financial leeway you’ll need to renovate your farm in a changing climate.

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