There are several notable benefits to investing in your own pig farming operation. For one thing, pigs – similarly to chickens and rabbits – multiply very quickly. They’re also very inexpensive to feed and maintain because they’re able to eat almost anything. Pig farming, in other words, is an affordable investment that can have big payoffs.

The biggest challenge to any aspiring pig farm owner is usually navigating the loan or financing process. Luckily, acquiring a land loan can help you to purchase an ideal property for your future pig farm.

This article will outline how to start a pig farm, and how land loans can help to simplify the process.

Owning a Pig Farming Business: How to Get Started

The first step to starting your own pig farming business is to precisely articulate your long-term business goals. This includes figuring out the property’s size and structure, as well as its suitability for different modes of pig farming.

Here are some important questions to ask yourself as soon as you’ve decided to start your own pig farming business:

  • Will your pig farming business be intensive or free-range?


  • Will you be breeding pigs or purchasing weaners (newborn pigs) that will grow on your farm?


  • How will you feed your pigs? Will you invest in pricier commercial pig feed or save by using leftovers from local restaurants?


  • If your pigs are free-range, what sort of infrastructure will you build to provide shade for the animals?



  • Do you have access to a local market where you will be able to sell your pig-derived products? If so, how will you transport your products to and from the market?


  • Will you require any additional staff members to assist you with feeding, cleaning, or structural maintenance?


How Land Loans Can Help

Every pig farm varies in terms of size, scale, and ambition. That said, every up-and-coming pig farm will require some degree of financial investment for construction, transportation, equipment, and acquisition costs.

But don’t let that slow you down! With a land loan, you’ll be able to afford your farm’s start-up costs and repay them at a manageable rate. No matter what type of pig farmer you aspire to be, a land loan can help you get there.

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