2020 has been a year unlike any other in history. Here in the United States, we’ve been witnessing the effects of COVID-19, climate change, and social unrest – all at once.

The challenges of the last seven months have impacted every American individual, family, community, company, and industry. That said, there are a few specific professions that have been disproportionately affected.

The agricultural industry provides a good example. Even prior to the onset of the pandemic, American farmers were struggling with a variety of ecological and economic challenges. Now that social distancing mandates are in full effect, the pressure on farmers is greater than ever.

But as we all know, farmers are a uniquely resilient breed. We’ve been through hard times before – and we’ll make it through these ones, too. 

The first step to keeping your farming business intact through 2020 is to understand the specific problems at hand. With that in mind, this article will highlight the major issues that are currently facing American farmers in late 2020. We’ll also introduce you to farm refinancing and how it can protect your farm’s financial security – and your future.

What Are the Greatest Challenges Facing American Farmers?

Farming has never been an easy profession. But the past seven months have been unique in almost every possible respect. 

Here are the seven biggest issues facing farmers in the autumn of 2020:

  • COVID-19. In the midst of the pandemic, millions of farmers are still struggling to access vital processing facilities and markets.


  • Trade war. The effects of the US/China tariff war continue to disrupt and transform markets and trade agreements around the world.


  • Economic uncertainty. Economists are warning of a looming recession, which would have major consequences for the US agricultural industry.


  • Social unrest. Several American cities have been rocked by mass protests and police violence, which promise to send shockwaves throughout the US.


  • Climate change. Rising temperatures and extreme weather patterns across the country are transforming the ecological landscape and the agricultural industry.


  • Diminishing water supply. Freshwater – a vital resource for agriculture – is becoming increasingly scarce at home and around the world.


  • Financing. Farm debt and foreclosures are on the rise in the US.


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