Need to manage your farm from afar? Measuring rainfall? Wondering about your soybean yield, or figuring out when to sell your corn? Whatever you’re doing, there’s an app for that.

But the catch is, you have to know about the apps to take advantage of these capabilities.

That’s where we can help. In no particular order, here are the five game-changing apps you can use to help run your farming operation. You’re a few downloads away from a more informed, efficient operation.

  1. AgriSync

    There’s a lot of machinery on the farm, which makes maintenance a big part of ag work. Many farmers like to take care of these mechanical issues themselves, but sometimes there’s a learning curve involved.

    AgriSync connects you via text, phone, or videochat to expert mechanics around the country who can help guide you through whatever repairs you’re undertaking. You don’t have to spend hours poring over old manuals and trying to figure it out yourself. Link yourself to a master technician so you can get back to making your farm work.


  2. BeetClock

    If you’ve ever hired field hands to help you farm, you know the struggle with tracking your employees’ labor is real.

    You need an employee management system that’s as mobile as the work you do. That’s where BeetClock can help. Developed by a small-scale vegetable farmer, this innovative app records time, workload, and efficiency data so you can make sure you’re keeping track of your workers.

  3. FarmLogs

    It can be easy to get buried in all the record-keeping on the farm. Keeping tabs on seed purchases, machinery costs, land use, and grain sales can be hard enough. Figuring out how profitable you are and planning for a prosperous future can be challenging in this tsunami of information. 

    If only there were a program that collected and analyzed all this data and put it in the palm of your hand…

    Well, actually, there is. FarmLogs makes data collection, analysis, and planning simple by providing a user-friendly app that puts all these tools in one place.

    Download the app and input your numbers on the go. The app organizes and helps you manage this information so you don’t have to spend hours reconciling paper receipts and spreadsheets to figure out how to run your farm better. 

  4. DarkSky Weather App

    There are lots of weather apps out there. Some work well, others, well… you know that saying about not saying anything if you can’t find anything nice to say?

    For farmers, the beef with most weather apps is that they’re tied to zip codes covering a lot of territory, and the forecasts are often very generic. As a result, they’re not always reliable.

    Touting itself as a “hyperlocal” weather source, DarkSky is different. It provides granular, up-to-the-minute information, so you know what to expect for your farm, not some amorphous region over the next hour.

  5. Climate FieldView

    What if you could map out data-driven cropping plans in real time, maximizing your productivity and efficiency by managing your farm from a single place?

    Now you can. With Climate FieldView, you can take advantage of up-to-date information on everything from rainfall to commodity prices to make the best decisions for your farm.