Purchase or refinance the country home of your dreams

MSF Agriculture’s Rural Home Loan products are designed to accommodate the needs of those who wish to live in rural communities. Because we specialize in Rural Home Loans we are able to originate financing that many conventional lenders are either unable or unwilling to service. Our loans offer highly competitive rates and are available in a variety of terms custom fit to meet the needs of our customers.

We have loans available to finance your rural home purchase or refinancing your rural home. Contact us today to learn about rural home loans from MSF Agriculture.

We understand the rural home loan process.

Rural home loans differ from conventional mortgages. For nearly a decade, MSF Agriculture has provided these types of loans to families across America. Years of experience have given our mortgage experts unparalleled insight into the specific needs of our customers and requirements of the rural home loan process.

Our mortgage qualification requirements make sense.

Unlike many big-box lenders, we don’t view criteria such as Schedule F Income and acreage as red flags. At MSF Agriculture, we understand that some of these factors may present obstacles, but not impossibilities. We view them as normal circumstances frequently occurring within the agricultural community.

We don’t dwell on dwellings.

As a condition of many conventional loans, dwellings must account for 70% or more of the loan’s total value. We understand the benefits land has to offer, and only require a 35% ratio. Additionally, we are able to finance manufactured housing, double-wide or larger, on a permanent foundation.

There is no time like the present to refinance your rural home

Some good reasons to consider refinancing:

  • Interest rates at historic lows.
  • Reduce monthly payments.
  • Change the amortization period of your loan.
  • Move from an adjustable to fixed-rate loan.
  • Fund renovations and repairs.

MSF Agriculture refinances loans that others will not.

Many conventional lenders refuse to refinance rural home mortgages – even when they are responsible for originating the existing loan. Surprised customers usually come to us after finding this out the hard way.

Changes in the economy and real estate market have caused many conventional lenders to adopt stricter lending practices, in turn prompting big-box lenders to turn away new and existing customers.

Common reasons convention lenders will not refinance rural home loans:

  • Schedule F Income
  • Ag-Exempt Status
  • Acreage Limitations
  • Home to Land Value Ratio
  • Manufactured Housing
  • Ag Zoning
Rural home refinancing loans differs from other types of conventional financing. Because we specialize in these types of loans, we clearly understand those differences, and are better equipped to accommodate the needs of families seeking refinancing.

We find the right home loan for you.

Our mission is to gain a clear understanding of your goals, answer any questions you may have, guide and educate you throughout the entire financing or refinancing process, and most importantly, to find the loan that is the best fit for you and your family. Fill out our simple pre-qualification application or contact us today at (949) 287-9525 for a free consultation.