As the food crisis becomes more prevalent, many countries are considering limiting exports of agricultural products. This can mean lower supplies in other markets, making access to food problematic. Getting a hobby farm mortgage and starting a small, local farm can help improve accessibility in your community. 


Restricting Exports Worsens the Food Crisis in Importing Countries

Countries choose to restrict exports to make sure they have enough stores to feed their own people, but in turn, stop the flow of agricultural products to other markets. This creates a shortage in the countries that depend on these imports. In countries that are already bordering on food insecurity, restricted exports can worsen their food crisis. 


The World is Dependent on a Handful of Countries

As farming is increasingly commercialized and focus is given to exporting cash crops, the world is becoming dependent on a handful of countries for the majority of their food supply. This is especially true regarding grains such as wheat, rice, and maize, which makes up 51% of the world’s calorie intake. These grains are supplied worldwide by:

  • Thailand
  • Brazil
  • United States
  • Canada


Should any of these countries decide to restrict their exports of these products, the world will see a significant impact on the global food crisis. 


Food Security Of Its Citizens Is A Priority for Each Country

Every country wants to avoid or minimize the food crisis within its borders and does this by building up food stores. In extreme cases, this may even include restricting exports. While primarily used with temporary food shortages, we may see this more as the food crisis intensifies. 


How to Cope When Countries Restrict Exports

The best way to deal with a shortage in supply is to reduce your dependency by growing your own. Individuals that want to make a difference could easily obtain a hobby farm mortgage and start a small-scale farm to hedge against the risk of a decline in imported agricultural products. 


Start Your Own Small Farm

Whether you want to secure your own food supply or want to help the greater good, AgAmerica can help you start your small farm with a hobby farm mortgage. Our knowledgeable loan officers can give you the information you need on obtaining the financing you need to get your hobby farm up and running. Contact us today to learn more.