Think about it for a second: on the one hand we have GMO crops and on the other, persistent hunger. Still, research in food security finds that if we focus our attention upon certain crops, we can easily wipe hunger off the world map. Farm lending should be incentivized if these crops are given space on the farm.


When It Comes to Hunger, There Are Good Crops and There Are Bad Crops

The good crops require less land, less water, and little intervention in terms of labor. In return, they pack numerous multivitamins and nutrients. In regions experiencing a food crisis frequently, these crops can be a blessing, even reducing inherent risks with agricultural mortgages. Good crops include: 

  • Golden Rice
  • Breadfruit
  • Fonio
  • Pigeon Pea
  • Fortified Cassava


Golden Rice

This variety of rice was created by scientists by inserting daffodil genes into common rice. The result was Golden Rice, super rich in vitamin A. This grain can help millions avoid blindness, even eventual death from vitamin A deficiency. 



The breadfruit is super low-maintenance, yet it’s large fruits pack fibers, minerals and a ton of carbohydrates. This plant requires very little land, and just as little water.



Fonio does exceptionally well in poor soil. It’s packed with amino acids and is surprisingly tasty serving as a base for bread, pasta, and beer. 


Pigeon Pea

The pigeon pea is a legume rich in protein. It is a plant that does well with limited water supply as it is a plant with deep roots that help access water during a drought. The deep roots also help with soil fertility and stop erosion. 


Fortified Cassava

Fortified Cassava is all about its starch. But it’s fame comes from the daily equivalent of multivitamins packed into a single serving, ever since scientists implanted new genes in the plant.


Be Part of the Solution

Food security is a growing problem. However, it is a problem that can be tackled by even the smallest farmer. Ag America, an expert in farm lending, can help you in your efforts in addressing food security and hunger. Contact us today to discuss what lending options are available and which one is best for you.