Over 700 million people across the world, that’s two times the population of the United States, do not have access to clean water. Yet there is no shortage when it comes to saltwater. With the help of various land financing options, we can focus on emerging desalination technologies to conserve freshwater resources and postpone the looming water shortage. 


Reverse Osmosis and Distillation Just Do Not Cut It

The world has a voracious need for clean, potable water. The age-old process of distillation, involving boiling and collecting vapors is cumbersome. Reverse osmosis, though promising, comes with a challenging toxic waste problem. Even with land financing options in the United States, it would be inefficient to create terrestrial holding pits to pump wasteful brine. Thankfully, there are alternative technological solutions and options to the rescue! These include:

  • Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction
  • Battery Electrode Deionization (BDI)
  • Conserve, Conserve, Conserve


Temperature Swing Solvent Extraction

Developed at Columbia University, temperature swing solvent extraction involves employing a simple solvent that works with inexpensive, low-grade heat. With this technique, excess brine is minimized thanks to the cleaner, efficient processes involved. Freshwater is extracted without effort, and the efficiency is as high as traditional methodologies. 


Battery Electrode Deionization (BDI)

Battery Electrode Deionization (BDI), developed at Penn State, is still in the R&D phase. In this technique, saltwater is pushed through channels with electrodes installed in them. These electrodes then capture salt ions, allowing freshwater to separate. While this technique is still under development, it holds tremendous promise.


Conserve, Conserve, Conserve

In the end, implementing various measures to help conserve water, even with the help of a farm loan, is perhaps the best option. Recycling goes hand-in-hand with conservation, of course. Countries like Israel are resorting to desalination, only after they have managed to recycle and conserve nearly 95% of domestic water usage.


Take Advantage of Desalination Technologies

We understand the importance freshwater makes in the agricultural business. It’s a matter of success or failure. Integrating desalination systems on your farm can help ensure your supply of fresh water as well as healthier crops. Talk to one of our loan officers here at AgAmerica to discuss the various land financing options available and to determine which one is right for you.