No matter how big your farm or garden, you can grow food to help prepare you for a food shortage. If you’re stuck in the city with no way to grow your own food, it may be time to consider a rural home loan to start a garden or even a hobby farm. 


Moving to a rural location to grow your own food allows you to prepare for a food shortage by preserving excess fresh food with canning. This option is environmentally sustainable, can save you money in the long run, and can even provide nutritional advantages. 


There is a Science to Canning

Apart from the advantages mentioned above, you want to make sure you are able to can what you would like with every meal. Don’t just focus upon one or two vegetables that you may have an excess of. Also, make sure to have on hand what can make your meals delicious.


Vegetables and Beans

Once you secure hobby farm financing, make sure to invest in The Ball Blue Book of Canning, to quickly get familiar with the process. Going with beans will save you money, energy and eventually, time with food preparation.


Beef and Pork

Canning meat like beef and pork is relatively easy. You just want to make sure that the meat is already in the size that you intend to consume it in. Canning meat will help you maintain a similar diet even in times of shortage. 


Get Started

As an expert in rural home loans, AgAmerica has helped individuals get the home of their dreams. Talk to a loan officer today to discuss the financing options available to make your garden, hobby farm, or small farm a reality.