Preppers FAQ: How Much Food to Store for a Famine?

If you’re someone who keeps their finger on the pulse of global events, the possibility of famine is probably never far from your mind. Indeed, it may be one of the primary reasons why you decided to start your own farming operation in the first place. 

As one of the leading farm financing companies, we’re here to help you with your hobby farm plans. In this article, we’ll walk you through how much food you’ll need to store to be adequately prepared for a famine. And, we’ll show you how securing a farm and agriculture loan can protect your future food security.

What Should Your Emergency Food Supply Consist of?

When it comes to building an emergency food supply, you’ll want to prioritize foods that are nourishing and nonperishable. It’s also crucial to store plenty of freshwater in tightly-sealed and durable containers. As a final addition, stocking up on essential vitamins and other nutritional supplements will ensure that you’ll be able to give your body the nutrition that it needs as you wade out a food crisis.

How Much Food Will You Need?

Obviously, the exact quantity of food that you’ll need to store will depend on the length and severity of the food crisis. That said, there are some general rules that should always be followed.

If you live in a rural area, we recommend storing enough food to last you and your family at least six months to one year. That should include, ideally, three nourishing meals and around 2 litres of water per family member per day (on that note, we also advise investing in a reliable water purifier). Most canned foods have a shelf life of between 1-3 years, so a supply of this size should be sufficient as you work to establish your own system of sustainable food production.

Starting Your Own Hobby Farm

Another great way to secure your food supply is to start your own hobby farm. Farm financing companies like MSF Agriculture have lending options available for individuals who are looking to start a small farming operation. Growing your own food and vegetables and raising your own livestock can help you maintain a stable food supply in the event of a shortage.

Build Your Dream Farm

As a leading farm financing company, MSF Agriculture specializes in helping individuals and families to build their dream home or small farm. Contact one of our expert loan officers today to get started!