Water security is becoming an increasingly problematic issue worldwide. Temperatures are rising, which means reserves of freshwater are diminishing at an alarming rate. Even here in the United States, there are strong indications which suggest that we may be headed towards a serious water crisis.

The agricultural industry has always been a major consumer of water. If the status quo is allowed to continue, it will only continue to deplete our limited water supply.

 But though the situation is dire, we are not completely out of options. There are a wide variety of water-conserving technologies that are now available to modern farmers. One of the most notable of these is vertical farming.

 This article will outline the basics of vertical farming and how farm land financing can help you implement it on your land.

What Is Vertical Farming?

Vertical farming is a method of agricultural production whereby crops are raised on vertically stacked platforms. Vertical farming operations typically take place indoors, which allow farmers to artificially control light, temperature, and water distribution. In this way, vertical farming provides ideal growing conditions while also minimizing water and nutrient waste.

Why Is It Important?

As the global population grows, it will become increasingly important to increase agricultural output and reduce levels of water waste. There is wide consensus within the agricultural community that vertical farming will enable us to do both. In fact, it’s been estimated that vertical farming uses around 70-95 percent less water than traditional agricultural methods.

How Can Farm Land Financing Help?

As you can probably imagine, the infrastructure of a vertical farming operation is not cheap. There are several equipment, construction, and installation costs that any aspiring vertical farmer will need to take into account. However, there are a variety of financing options out there that can help! Farm land financing can provide you with the funds you need to start your own vertical farming operation.

Apply for Farm Land Financing Today

Vertical farming is a reliable way to reduce your water usage, regardless of the size or scale of your farm. This simple step, in turn, can have a valuable impact on your community and around the world. If you’re interested in implementing water-friendly technology on your farm, MSF Agriculture can help! Contact us today to learn more about our farm land financing program and how it can improve your farm’s eco-friendliness.